About Spiro – My Pet Dog



8 years ago we adopted this lovely pet dog. Since then, he has been a part of our family.

We had both our good and bad days. There were times when he was ill and times when he was our protector. I remember the days when he literally put his life on the line in-order to defend us from other rash street dogs.

Spiro is a friendly dog. He is mix-breed, with long soft fur, dark brown eyes, strong, well-built and beautiful. He has a sharp eyesight and an excellent memory.  Spiro is well-behaved. Although in the past we had some hens, rabbits and ducks. He never took them for his food. Of course that was training, but he learnt rather quite soon.

We take good care of him and treat him as one of us. We love him very dearly and so do many others who visted him.


I have seen around 12 of our pet dogs come and go during the 22 years of my life. We know that life is short which is why we must  try to live it to the fullest genuinely without vice.  Do you have a faithful companion ?